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Istria Marshispider

EV-II (35 p.)

Rotu, sukupuoli saksalainen ratsuponiori (50%) VH-tunnus VH14-029-0194
Syntymäaika, ikä 09.02.2014, 8v. 09.10.2014 Väri, genotyyppi musta (EE/aa)
Säkäkorkeus 147 cm Omistaja indy VRL-06701
Laji, koulutustaso esteratsastus, 130 cm Kasvattaja VRL-07415, Istria  

Rosy Blush ERJ-II YLA1
DRP 50% / m / 145 cm
Apple Blushing
DRP 50% / rtkm / 147 cm
Flushy Blush   xx
Green Apple   nf
Rose Hip
DRP 50% / m / 145 cm
Bahiyya   ox
Damask   nf
Ponnydalens Winny
SWE RP 50% / trn / 145 cm
Ismheichl's Frederik
WPB 50% / rnvkkkm / 146 cm
Santos Darkness   x
Fernella   wB
Ponnydalens Wilma
SWE RP 50% / mrn / 144 cm
Concorde Vertig   SWB
Amanda's Wera   nf

[50 of 50] Pet: Do we have to go now? It's so nice being groomed. Ohhh yeah! Right there, yes yes yes! Uh, how I love a good belly scratch ...
[32 of 50] Quirk: I love getting clipped!
[17 of 50] Quirk: I like to rub my tail against the stall wall or pasture fence out of boredom. Watch out or you'll have a bald-tailed pony!
[04 of 15] Mentality: I desperately want to be part of the herd, but I don't know how to do it. I often get bullied and rejected by other horses.
[10 of 16] Horse vs Human: I have no respect for you (but you can probably train some respect into me)
[10 of 50] Afraid of: Dogs - small yappy ones
[18 of 20] Favourite Treat: Apple
[32 of 35] If horses could talk, I would say: I hate changes. I prefer the old sadle that smells like me instead of a new one that smells like a leather store.
[25 of 40] A Quote That Suits Me: Give a horse what he needs and he will give you his heart in return. - Author Unknown

Hyppykapasiteetti ja rohkeus: 896.24
Kuuliaisuus ja luonne: 1174.69
ERJ: 2070.93 (vt. 5/7)

ERJ 22.08.2014 Fifth Bridge Ponies 120cm 2/30
ERJ 26.06.2014 Kadotetut Suomenhevoset 100cm 4/30

12.08.2014 ori Roanoake Triumph sijoituksia esteratsastuksessa e. Carusos Seneca